Department of Design

November 5th, 2012

It’s called persistent starting. Anytime I give someone motivational advice this is the most important thing. It’s super easy and works like a charm, as you now know.

Pick something you want to do but keep putting off. It can be anything. Tell yourself you’ll spend five minutes doing it and then quit after five minutes *if* you still don’t want to do it. After five minutes if you still want to quit then quit. No tricks or mind games. You won’t want to quit. What happens is the part of our brain that plans and carries out our day to day actions takes over our bodies and we just keep doing what we’re doing. Planing the next step, executing the current one. Autopilot in a way.

It’s from a book called The Now Habit that came out in the eighties. Pretty good advice overall but this part is the best.

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